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Analysis, planning and control in one integrated system for managers - this was, and continues to be, the goal of the PROCOS developers. With STRATandGO™ managers have at their disposal a high-performing tool that take advantage of the latest technology to create maximum business and decision-making transparency and thus help optimize business performance. Intuitive and extremely user friendly, the applications allow users to focus on their work and administrator on managing the complex data flows of the organization.

New scientific and technological developments have always been important sources of innovation for STRATandGO™ product development. More important, however, has been the feedback and input from new and existing clients. Ideas from both sources are used to continuously improve and extend the functionality of the STRATandGO™ family and are transmitted to all clients 'as standard features' once a year through new releases. This strong client orientation, like the close personal attention given to individual clients, is what defines PROCOS. Clients benefit from this approach on a daily basis, not only by seeing their own specific requests realized, but also by benefiting from ideas introduced by others.

The high level of functionality and ease-of-use that has been achieved with the STRATandGO™ family would not have been possible without the high professional competence, pro-activity and client-orientation of its developers. Based on most recent technologies like .NET and Silverlight, together with high performance using “In-memory-database”, they guarantee that the applications will be able to benefit immediately from the advantages offered by this new approach, especially in distributed environments, and thus ensure the long-term satisfaction of clients’ needs. In all cases, minimization of the level of disruption caused by the implementation of new version of the Microsoft technology-based applications continues to be a key development criterion.

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