Tuesday, June 19, 2018



In addition to its benefits today, the introduction of a new software system represents an investment in the future. Solutions need to be able to grow along with new technological development and the evolving needs of the firm. This requires more than an excellent solution, it requires a capable and trusted partner.

In creating its solutions, PROCOS focuses on high levels of user functionality and the ability to rapidly and painlessly expand the system when needed. Moreover, existing applications and strategic data sources are smoothly incorporated into one comprehensive solution by PROCOS during the implementation process. The result: a high-performing management system that is able to insert itself quickly and painlessly into the daily reality of the client.

A complete focus on individual clients' needs are central to the PROCOS service philosophy. This is reflected in a highly personal approach to supporting the IT-selection and decision-making process:

  • Joint definition of project goals
  • Customised support of product-evaluation through prototyping
  • Personal support during implementation
  • Training of users and administrators

Moreover, following a positive decision for the STRATandGO™ product family, PROCOS offers a high level of ongoing support to its clients.

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