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Performance Management (PM) comprehends the integration of strategies, processes and technologies to generate critical to success data knowledge about status, potentials and perspectives in the area of decision support systems from fragmented, heterogeneous enterprise, market and competitor data  that can be  displayed in a convenient form for analysis, planning and control purposes. The STRATandGO™ PM solutions allow to achieve these goals with the best possible function coverage and to implement the business requirements with no risk and in short-term with the support of a best proven PM project approach model.

The use of an appropriate course of action is one of the key success factors of PM projects. PROCOS is using the following project process work flow (sequence of activities and outcomes) during the implementation of the STRATandGO™ solutions which is essentially required for a successful project achievement. The main objective of the process model is to reduce a complex problem into more easily solvable sub-tasks and to organize in phases for achieving the desired project objectives faster and more reliable. PROCOS supports you in all disciplines and project phases during the PM project implementation.

BI / PM Project Workflow

Source: Kimball, R. (2008). The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit

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