Thursday, May 24, 2018



PROCOS offers a prototyping service for all modules of the STRATandGO™ product range. This means building an example in the software based on clients' specific requests (e.g. their Balanced Scorecard model 'on paper').

As a milestone in a Proof of Concept the prototyping is used for the assignment of the principal feasibility of the software solution.

The objective of the service is to provide prospective users with the opportunity to test and compare the system at their leisure using company-specific information. Thus obtaining a concrete 'real-life' impression of the software's performance, functionality and user-friendliness.

Following the creation of the prototype, the software is made available to the user in their workplace for 30 days. This includes a short introduction to the software to facilitate use of the system. In addition, PROCOS telephone support is of course always available during the test period. On request, PROCOS also offers the possibility of creating company-specific presentation and demos using company data in order to support the internal communication to decision-makers and future users of the software.

The prototyping

  • Facilitates product evaluation
  • Enables definition and verification of specific needs
  • Answers functionality or implementation issues
  • Serves to clarify the suitability of the software solution
  • Stimulates acceptances within the project teams
  • Supports risk mitigation for the basis of decision-making and budget
  • Provides a concrete basis for the investment decision

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