Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Financial Planning


Financial Planning is handled differently by industrial sectors and even organizations. Therefore a software tool that is extremely flexible and easy to use is required. STRATandGO™ offers the flexibility to configure a financial planning entirely to customers requirements, without loosing the ability for release upgrades.

Unique Features    
  • Individually definable calculation logics for metrics
  • Free configurable P&L-, Balance Sheet- and Cash-Flow-Budgets
  • Free configurable simulation logics
  • Unlimited number of budgets and budget versions
  • Unlimited number of tasks and corresponding responsibilities
  • Tracking of changes on level user, item and date  
  • Merging of any budget or budget version
  • Free definable budget levels based on multidimensional approach
  • Free definable calculation and simulation models
  • In-Memory simulation with multiple simulation models
  • Time dependent linking of objects (documents, notes, spreadsheets) to each budget cell
  • Various possibilities to visualize budget information (charts, traffic lights, ABC, drawings)
  • Free definable seasonalities and allocation logics
  • Adding, cloning or removing of budget items during simulation

   STRATandGO™ Overview
      Planning & Budgeting

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