Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Rolling Forecasts


If an organization decide to use rolling forecast methods, STRATandGO™  Planner Solution supports completely free definable periods. The rolling forecast offers the same possibilities and functionalities, for example all simulation features, cumulation, integration of various budgets (sales, logistic, cost etc.) as the “normal” Budget.

Graphical features, comment features, document linking are also available in the rolling forecast, as well as the immediate analysis of forecast against other budgets, actual figures, previous periods etc.

Unique Features    
  • Free definable forecast interval and number of forecast periods
  • Unlimited number of budgets and budget versions
  • Unlimited number of tasks and corresponding responsibilities
  • Tracking of changes on level user, item and date  
  • Merging of any budget or budget version
  • Free definable budget levels based on multidimensional approach
  • Free definable calculation and simulation models
  • In-Memory simulation with multiple simulation models
  • Time dependent linking of objects (documents, notes, spreadsheets) to each budget cell
  • Various possibilities to visualize budget information (charts, traffic lights, ABC, drawings)
  • Free definable seasonalities and allocation logics
  • Adding, cloning or removing of budget items during simulation

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