Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Financial Reporting

    Financial Reporting is handled differently by industrial sectors and even organizations. Therefore a software tool that is extremely flexible and easy to use is required. STRATandGO™ offers the flexibility to configure a financial reporting entirely to customers requirements, without loosing the ability for release upgrades
Unique Features      
  • Allows customer individual solution configurations (implementation of the customer concepts with maintenance of the software standard).
  • The solutions can be freely adapted and expanded.
  • Complete integration  to all other STRATandGO™ BI Suite modules.
  • Various possibilities to visualize any kind of information (powerful chart functionalities, e.g. maps, diagrams, charts, gauges, traffic lights, trends and other individual symbols).
  • Integrated design tools for customer individual attractive reports and dashboards (map and report designer).
  • Time dependent linking of objects (documents, notes, spreadsheets, reports, charts, gauges, maps) for each reporting line.
  • Comment features on all reporting elements (per row and cell).
  • Allows to create individual business data calculation and aggregation logics.
  • Full data versioning (for all master and transaction data, thresholds for graphics etc.).

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