Thursday, May 24, 2018

STRATandGO™ Overview

  STRATandGO™ Overview


STRATandGO™ Performance Management makes analysis, management and planning of all enterprise divisions possible. Accurate and multidimensional analysis is compiled using inputs from existing databases and important key data for performance measurement is displayed in the form of an executive dashboard.

STRATandGO™ Performance Management offers permanent control of all success critical parameters incorporating an early warning system indicating deviations from set targets. Management is in a position to continuously verify, reassess and adjust strategy and processes in order to achieve objectives. State of the art simulation tools allow for real time forecasts. The computed key figures serve as the basis for the decision making process in the control, strategy and risk management functions. STRATandGO™ supplies the answers to decision relevant questions.

Unique Features

       ■ High functionality, high flexibility
          - Logics and presentation / visualization
          - Flexible frontends using standardized web-services
       ■ Standard software, no customized versions/compilations
          - All customers benefit from new features / improvements
          - Release upgrade is easy and cost-effective
       ■ Further development is driven by customer requests and ideas
       ■ Intuitive, easy to use (end-user)
       ■ Several different Applications / Solutions in one software
       ■ Easy to configure
          - All reports can be created and maintained by own personnel
          - Fast implementation
       ■ Integrated messaging system
       ■ Complete multilingualism of the software and data
       ■ Achieves highest functional and data access requirements
       ■ Permission based on users or roles on each level up to single item
       ■ Full integration of all other STRATandGO™ solutions (Analysis, Planning, Strategic Management and Reporting).

Technical Information

      ■ Scalable and flexible architecture
      ■ Integrated ETL tool 
         - Supports all major databases
         - Additional support for manual data input
      ■ No proprietary database or storage
         - Open database
         - No data limits
         - Existing hardware/database can be re-used
      ■ Support of different authentication protocols (LDAP, AD) for single sign on
      ■ Most recent technology (.NET), real 3-tier architecture


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