Thursday, May 24, 2018

Strategic Management


STRATandGO™ supports you to manage the development, planning and implementation of the target contents also for longer-term time horizons of several years. After the broad strategy definition, the strategy includes the establishment of the basic business goals with the strategic success factors, the related measures and the initiatives to achieve these objectives which can all be managed in the system that supports versioning  over several levels. There are different organizational structures in a company and this has to be regarded in terms of strategic management. On one hand the level on a corporate basis and on the other hand the business field base.

Creating maps and diagrams help you to visualize the different management models such as “how the strategic management collaborates with the other management”. This enables you to navigate directly through all the lower levels.

Unique Features    
  • Allows customer individual solution configurations (implementation of the customer concepts with maintenance of the software standard).
  • The solutions can be freely adapted and expanded.
  • Complete integration  to all other STRATandGO™ BI Suite modules.
  • Various possibilities to visualize any kind of information (powerful chart functionalities, e.g. maps, diagrams, charts, gauges, traffic lights, trends and other individual symbols).
  • Integrated design tools for customer individual attractive reports and dashboards (map and report designer).
  • Time dependent linking of objects (documents, notes, spreadsheets, reports, charts, gauges, maps) for each reporting line.
  • Comment features on all reporting elements (per row and cell).
  • Allows to create individual business data calculation and aggregation logics.
  • Full data versioning (for all master and transaction data, thresholds for graphics etc.).

   STRATandGO™ Overview
      Balanced Scorecard
      Risk Management
      Project Portfolio Management
      Corporate Strategic Planning
      IT Process Performance Management (ITIL)

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