Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Project Portfolio Management




Companies are often faced with the challenge of choosing those projects out of a number of plans and project ideas which are likely to reach the enterprise’s strategic and operational goals taking into consideration the existing, limited resources. The decision-makers expect structured templates which prioritize the projects in a transparent and comprehensible way by strategic interest, cost, benefit etc.

Implement within STRATandGO™ a structured collection of all relevant ideas / plans of your employees and rate them according to predefined (custom individual) criteria. Decide based on these criteria which ideas / plans will be executed as a project. Monitor the ongoing projects regarding compliance of budget (time, cost etc.).

Our project portfolio management solution was developed in cooperation with PriceWaterhouseCoopers Switzerland.

Unique Features    
  • Common development of base configuration with PWC, Zurich
  • Within the concept the solution can be completely individualized
  • Availability of all important ideas / projects stored in a central database
  • Assessment of projects based on custom individual decision-making process
  • Highlighting of relations between projects
  • The solutions can be freely adapted and expanded
  • Complete integration to all other STRATandGO™ BI Suite modules.
  • Various possibilities to visualize any kind of information (powerful chart functionalities, e.g. maps, diagrams, charts, gauges, traffic lights, trends and other individual symbols).
  • Integrated design tools for customer individual attractive reports and dashboards (map and report designer).
  • Time dependent linking of objects (documents, notes, spreadsheets, reports, charts, gauges, maps) for each reporting line.
  • Comment features on all reporting elements (per row and cell).
  • Allows creating individual business data calculation and aggregation logics.
  • Full data versioning (for all master and transaction data, thresholds for graphics etc.).

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