Tuesday, June 19, 2018



Short explanation of “Webservices”

Web services are a software technology to support the integration of applications.
Corporate application integration is a central theme in the IT management as well as the integration of internal software with software business partners. Existing software components can be made available  by using Webservice interfaces in a standardized way as a service. This allows applications to consistently communicate with each other and easily integrated into existing systems and automated business processes.

STRATandGO™ Webservice Solution

The STRATandGO software suite provides data and business-logic via industrial standard Web Services.
These services enable customers to build individual frontends that can be used together with the different out-of-the-box STRATandGO clients.
Based on the very high flexibility of STRATandGO together with a vast list of available development platforms these frontends have nearly no limitations on how information is visualized.

 Webservices overview with all the possible frontends

Webservices overview with the Web Browser frontend (see demo example).

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