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Frequently asked questions

Important answers about STRATandGO:

What is the concrete success that STRATandGO can generate for the customer?2020-08-18T19:56:35+00:00

– Due to the high degree of configuration, customer requirements can be met very specifically
– Thanks to the integrated ETL tool (Extract-Transport-Load), STRATandGO can be easily integrated into the customer’s existing IT landscape. As a result, low interface problems
– Massive reduction of manual effort in reporting
– The information that emerges from an integrated system allows very quick, efficient, and reliable management decisions to be made and corrective measures to be defined.
– Cost savings through efficient project portfolio management (fewer projects that are not effective, i.e. not in line with the strategy)
– Due to the large modularity and easy configurability, many solutions are possible (existing and new)
– Comprehensive, fully integrated management system (the customer does not need individual solutions from various manufacturers, which then have to be laboriously brought together
– Full web, cloud capability and usable on all common mobile devices (is an advantage that not all competitors offer)
– No manufacturer dependency. The know-how transfer enables the customer to operate STRATandGO independently of the manufacturer

What are the top 5 benefits of STRATandGO?2020-08-18T19:55:49+00:00

– All relevant management themes in one system
– Decision-making information fast and consistent
– Data storage in a single, uniform database (“single point of truth”)
– Almost unlimited expansion options and scalability
– State-of-the-art technology – all common web browsers and mobile devices are supported

What is the usual software implementation period?2020-08-18T19:55:06+00:00

Depending on the availability of the customer’s input, can be ready in 2 to 6 weeks.

How is STRATandGO licensed?2020-08-18T19:54:37+00:00

STRATandGO has 3 user types:
– Configurator -> can create dashboards, reports, manage authorizations, etc.
– Editor -> can edit data
– Viewer -> data read only
Concurrent or names license models are offered.

Which languages does STRATandGO currently offers?2020-08-18T19:53:55+00:00

– English
– German
– French
– Italian
– Arabic
– Russian
– Dutch
– Spanish
– Expendable to any further language

Does STRATandGO offer mobile access?2020-08-18T19:53:13+00:00

Yes, STRATandGO offers an HTML5 application which supports all types of modern browsers on most types of devices, e.g. Apple Safari on an iPad or Google Chrome on a Samsung phone.

Is STRATandGO Cloud enabled?2020-08-18T19:52:40+00:00

Yes, STRATandGO is fully Cloud-enabled, can run on any cloud.

What is the difference between windows client access and web access?2020-08-18T19:52:19+00:00

Data entry, view dashboard/reports, or charts are available on both ends.
However, creating new reports/dashboards is possible only using the client.

What interface does STRATandGO offer?2020-08-18T19:51:53+00:00

STRATandGO is a client-server application that runs on any relational database.
The user can use a windows application or can access the application over an IIS webpage.

What authorization concepts does STRATandGO support?2020-08-18T19:51:21+00:00

Supported Types of Authorizations:
– Functional Security
(e.g. User A is able to execute Function X  e.g. Print Out | Setup)
– Object-related Security
(e.g. User A is able to select a specific Report)
– Data-related Security
(e.g. User A is able to look at the actual Data for KPI X)
Roles can be as well defined, AD groups, can be used as well

What authentication methods does STRATandGO support?2020-08-18T19:50:23+00:00

STRATandGO supports e.g. LDAP, AD (Active Directory), OKTA (open use), NT, Simple Name Mapping, and our own authentication engine.

Can trigger a manual e-mail out of STRATandGO?2020-08-18T19:49:55+00:00

Yes, outlook e-mail messages, outlook tasks, or calendar meetings can be directly generated in STRATandGO.

Can STRATandGO offer automated e-mail notifications functionality?2020-08-18T19:49:30+00:00

Yes, with pre-defined conditions or attributes

What communications methods does STRATandGO offer?2020-08-18T19:49:00+00:00

STRATandGO offers e-mail communications.

Are there any pre-configured solutions available out of the box?2020-08-18T19:37:13+00:00

PROCOS offers the following integrated solutions out of the box:
– Balanced Scorecard – Developed in cooperation with and certified by The Balanced Scorecard Collaborative Inc. by Dr. Kaplan and Norton
– Project Portfolio Management – Developed in cooperation with PWC
– Risk Management– Developed in cooperation with PWC
– Sustainability management
– Contract Management

What is STRATandGO?2020-08-18T19:36:41+00:00

STRATandGO is a strategic Platform which allows the perspective user to create, integrate and interconnect management solutions in one tool.

Do you have any questions about the modules?
Here you will find the answers:

How many KPIs does the system support?2020-08-18T19:37:55+00:00

The number of KPIs, goals, perspectives is unlimited.

Does the solution offer cascading functionality?2020-08-18T19:38:21+00:00

Yes, cascading is available down to employee level.

My KPIs have various calculation methods, does STRATandGO support that?2020-08-18T19:38:56+00:00

Yes, every individual KPI can have its formula for every level.

Some of my KPIs have sub-KPIs, does STRATandGO support that?2020-08-18T19:40:50+00:00

There is no limitation of how many levels a KPI can have (KPI, Sub-KPI, Sub-Sub-KPI, etc…)

My KPIs have several data units, e.g. currency, days, Index, percentage, etc., does STRATandGO support that?2020-08-18T19:41:21+00:00

All types of units are supported.

My KPIs have several frequencies, does STRATandGO support that?2020-08-18T19:41:52+00:00

STRATandGO supports many types of frequency like daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semester, yearly, etc.

My KPIs have comments, can I add these in STRATandGO?2020-08-18T19:42:22+00:00

Every entity has its own comment field which is time-stamped.

What is the difference between Project management and project portfolio management?2020-08-18T19:43:03+00:00

Project Management concentrates on a single project to achieve a pre-defined goal, taking in mind constraints such as time, budget quality, and resources, however Project Portfolio Management is a high-level view of running projects to meet the organization’s/business’s main strategic objectives.

I have multiple types of projects in my organizations, does STRATandGO support that?2020-08-18T19:44:04+00:00

Yes, all types of projects and their processes can be defined and monitored in parallel.

Does STRATandGO support work-flows in Project Portfolio Management?2020-08-18T19:44:57+00:00

Yes, every project can run through multiple steps (processes), and every step can be approved according to pre-defined attributes.
Multiple workflows scenarios are supported in the same solution.

How is the relation between Project Portfolio Management and the balanced scorecard defined?2020-08-18T19:45:27+00:00

The relation is an N-N relation, which translates to:
– Every project can affect multiple KPIs or Goals
– Every KPI or goal has its own projects.
The same relation exists between risks/projects

Does STRATandGO support a workflow for risk management?2020-08-18T19:46:04+00:00

STRATandGO offers a free definable process to identify, assess, control threats and risks.

How is the relation between Risk Management and the balanced scorecard defined?2020-08-18T19:46:31+00:00

The relation is an N-N relation, which translates to:
– Every risk can affect multiple KPIs or Goals
– Every KPI or goal has its own risks.
The same relation exists between risks/projects.

Such software is data-driven, how does STRATandGO collect data through the system?2020-08-18T19:47:01+00:00

For every entity (E.g. KPI, Project, etc..) manual data entry is available in the system.

My data are already available in my ERP system, how to avoid the redundant work?2020-08-18T19:47:33+00:00

STRATandGO has its built-in ETL Tool (Extract Transform and Load), which supports the following data sources
– MS SQL Server, Oracle database or any relational database
– Flat files (e.g. Text, Excel)
– open OLAP standard (XMLA)
– SAP R/3 and SAP S/4HANA (Queries, Tables, RFC Functions, BW Cube)

Can I automate the data import tasks?2020-08-18T19:48:06+00:00

Yes, STRATandGO import can run as Microsoft schedule tasks.

My data at my source system need some conversion before loading into STRATandGO Database, how is that possible?2020-08-18T19:48:30+00:00

STRATandGO offers the possibility to define individual formulas for each entity, before importing it into STRATandGO Database.

My KPIs have various traffic lights behavior, does STRATandGO support that?2020-08-18T19:58:38+00:00

Traffic lights can be individually defined per KPI, Strategic Target or Perspective.