STRATandGOTM Blueprint

The multi-level STRATandGOTM blueprint allows you to focus on the management topics strategy, finance, HR, risk, sustainability, quality, operations and processes without having to know the underlying technical components.

In our customer projects, we have developed many building blocks. Most of them are used everywhere. New solutions, tailored to your needs, can be developed quickly by assembling these building blocks. 

We use building blocks and compose them to business objects. These business objects can be used everywhere in your solution. 



Whether you create the strategic planning, start the financial planning for the next planning period, plan a project or the entire project portfolio, with the STRATandGOTM processes will adapt and support your needs where necessary. Furthermore STRATandGOTM also ensures that revision security and conformity with your compliance specifications are guaranteed.

Control and Approve

Interim results must be checked and approved in the planning process and in the reporting system. Thanks to the integrated approval system, a four-eye and multi-eye system is available upon request, which you can use. Of course, you can view the progress of the approval process at any time and thus, take the necessary measures if the process has stalled.


Comments on KPIs, descriptive documents on strategic goals, unique definitions of key figures, text comments and entire documents can be saved directly in STRATandGOTM and displayed or integrated into a report, taking access rights into account.


Depending on the amount of data to be processed, you can enter it manually using user-friendly forms or automatically import, transform and export it via our data import and export interface. Do you want to process data from your ERP system? No problem: STRATandGOTM retrieves the data in the desired periodicity for you and processes it fully automatically.


Analyzer is one of the central modules of STRATandGOTM. Analyze any sales figures (quantity, sales, costs, break-even analysis, etc.) according to any criteria (customer structure / article structure) and change the structures at runtime using drag and drop. The Analyzer allows intuitive analysis of any data without technical knowledge, integrated what-if analysis with freely definable models and various data visualization options such as diagrams, traffic lights, ABC analyses and drawings.


With the booklet function of STRATandGOTM you can automatically compile the prepared data and publish, print or send it to prepared e-mail recipients with additional pictures and texts. Your layout guidelines are fully taken into account.

Take Measures

STRATandGOTM allows you to document the measures you have taken and have them listed in the corresponding reports.


STRATandGOTM implements solutions for strategic and operational decision making. Very different characteristics and requirements can be mapped. Project portfolio management is an evaluation and control tool for the variety of strategic and operational projects that need to be initiated, reported and controlled in a company. A risk management system that creates the necessary transparency and consistency to ensure that the entrepreneurial duty of care can be exercised. Today, the topic of sustainability management is also part of a corporate strategy and must be evaluated and reviewed at regular intervals. Use the link below to find out more about the solutions we have already implemented and do not hesitate to challenge us with your specific requirements.


STRATandGOTM supports all possibilities, whether you want to give your users access via their mobile, via a computer at work or outside the company.

Using our web service interfaces, your IT department can create its own screens for viewing or editing data, reports or graphics.

Thanks to its scalable and flexible architecture, STRATandGOTM can adapt to your growth and helps to save costs. The integrated tool for data import and export supports all common databases. You can also use your existing database system for STRATandGOTM.

You can also use STRATandGOTM as a cloud service.

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