„Service means to evaluate the offer from the customer's point of view"

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STRATandGOTM will support you with your strategic and operational objectives and analyses not only now, but also in the future. We are also your competent partner during the implementation and parameterization phase.


The integration of STRATandGOTM into an existing IT infrastructure requires close coordination and step-by-step integration. With over 20 years of experience in integration projects, our team supports your IT department and accompanies you throughout the entire process.

If you want to integrate STRATandGOTM into a new environment or cloud based, we are also happy to help and support you starting the evaluation until fully integrated and beyond.

Project Management

The use of a suitable approach is one of the key success factors of performance management (PM) projects. If no specific procedure is requested by the customer, we use the following procedure model (sequence of activities and results) for the implementation of STRATandGO™ solutions, which is necessary for the successful execution of a project. The main goal of the process model is to reduce a complex problem to a more easily solvable subtask and to structure it in phases in order to achieve the desired project goals more quickly and reliably. PROCOS supports you in the implementation of the PM project in all disciplines and project phases.



We create a detailed concept as well as training documents for the introduction and training of your employees. Finally, the training can be conducted on site or via an online solution. The documents are also available for further use afterwards. 


The technical support area is available to all PROCOS customers with a valid maintenance contract. All STRATandGO™ applications are supported by the customer support at PROCOS.

  • Helpdesk with problem ticket system (after registration on this website in the customer area) and a knowledge database.
  • Remote maintenance (via TeamViewer or customer-specific remote connection).
  • Emails to support mail address.
  • Phone calls to customer support.

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