Project Controlling of a Centennial Building

Extract from the catalogue of requirements for the project controlling tool

  • Consistency of the target cascade across complex organizational and project structures
  • Automatic summarization through different organizational units
  • Flexible and comprehensive reporting with various graphics, detailed reports and trends
  • Semi-automatic, fully automatic and manual data input

Benefit of the STRATandGOTM solution

The implementation of STRATandGoTM enables reliable and up-to-date project management across all management levels and the automatic aggregation of data through different organisational units. 

Automatic daily generated reports and charts enables a significant simplification of cost and schedule control.

The multidimensional management structure was updated daily with the most important data.

Technical implementation

Data consolidation from various independent source systems

SQL-Server database

mixed access structure: client and web users

Implementation / Implementation Partner

The project was carried out from consulting up to and including implementation by PROCOS AG.